For Sale: 1.1. Subadult Pine Island Pair


Chahoua Egg
Both purchased from different breeders early 2018 as babies. They are roughly a year and a half old.

Female is from Lorna Redmond @ Red Sky Geckos out of Aragorn (Tremper) x Arwen (PdV). She looks pretty much identical to her parents... pinky base with mottled green all over.


Male is from Dean Chigounis @ Caledonian Kings out of Phaedra (JTR → Sundown Reptiles) x Proteus (Brittany Reed → Sam Feleccia). Resembles mother... peachy base with high contrast dark patterning and an almost black collar.


Both are eating Pangea and dubia. The female has had some trouble putting on weight, but she will probably do better with someone who feeds crickets/dubia on a more consistent basis. Additional photos can be provided.

$2100 shipped OBO

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